Next generation Legacy in Plastics

One-two-three simply ecologic it ‘ll be…RESET




We substitute plastic
one way packaging
by 100% recycled
RTI’s in closed loops

Design innovative
closed loop solutions
for sustainable Reset
Business cases with
endless benefits

Support customers to
realize their CSR
programs, save
logistic costs and
improve co2

The Reset Vision on Circular Economy



Reset Plastics is based on the Visionary
Strategy of creating sustainable value to
the resources of the planet as legacy to
futures generations

We do not take, and take again
we give back again and again, in and
endless closed loop value chain

Respect plastics as scarce and valuable resource


Preserve plastic as scarce, valuable and
durable resource for maximum re-use in
Primary packaging and Returnable Transport

Re-Design all plastic packaging into mono materials within
one polyolefin family , eliminate any mixed compositions
within any type of primary packaging solution

Collect and select all one way mono plastic waste streams
and develop state-of-the-art technologies towards 100% reuse in durable closed loop products

Keep Quality at level-I: Ensure that only a strictly defined
absolute minimum cascade in quality and strive to re-use
the selected sources of plastic materials at level-I

Our Winning Reset goals until 2025


Uses the most modern communication tools to be winner in the Eco Olympics
by multi sourcing the talents of project partners it is beating any environmental
trends and governmental imposed laws in 3 ambitious directions:

Citius = Be faster, 2 years ahead of implementation of any European
packaging agreement imposed to reduce and re-use of plastics

Altius = Reach higher targets; go for 100% re-use at level one not 30%
and reduce one way packaging by 50% not 20%

Fortius = Build the RESET team on criteria of Best of Class technological
innovators and Channel Captains in Retail and Industry who by their
market share and Blue Chip image can gently but decisively impose the
required changes of the rules of the game

Fortius: Team up with the “Best of Class”

Team Up with RESET