Reset track record > 30 years

❖ IFCO – Delivering Fresh Food since 1992

❖ First company to develop an outsourced Reusable
Plastic Container (RPC) pooling system for fresh fruit
and vegetables

❖ Sustainable RPC solutions maximize efficiency and
protect products to ensure the safe delivery of fresh

❖ Services cover every aspect of RPC management,
from delivering clean containers to producers to
collecting them from retailers, to cleaning and
sanitizing them again, ready for redistribution.

❖ Customers in over 50 countries and RPCs in circulation
worldwide 1.7 bn per year

❖ Close working relationships with more than 14.000
food producers – in every category, from fruit and
vegetables to meat and fish to bakery goods – and
with more than 320 retailers.

❖ Euro Pool System

❖ The packaging standard in the fresh supply chain

❖ Logistics service provider for reusable standard

packaging in the European food supply chain

❖ A reusable tray set a collo-modular standard in the
chain for fresh and packaged foods

❖ In 1922 standard packaging for logistic efficiency in the
fresh supply chain

❖ Initiative three cooperative auction houses in the
Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

❖ Introduction folding tray with 86% volume reduction
form of packaging for fruit and vegetables

❖ Gradually growing to record number of 888 million
rotations a year

❖ 20 % Reduction Carbon Footprint 

❖ Business Case Coca-Cola Tray
❖ Proven Cost savings per year;
Ecology & Economy
❖ Ahold Euro 15mio in manual handling
❖ Saving Euro 1mio Packaging
materials =positive CO2 footprint

❖ L: 700 x B: 490 x H: 190 mm : Unique dimension
❖ Wheels/steel L: 690 x B: 490 x H: 145 mm
❖ 2 fixed and 2 flexible wheels van 100 mm: Cross Docking
❖ Ideal solution full logistic chain:Bakery
❖ 4 x Load capacity flexibility : adjustable sizes+display
❖ Unique barcodes 2 sides
❖ Standard NL & 100% automated handling/cleaning